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Analyze These Factors When Designing Conveyors

Conveyor systems are an essential part of an extensive production process, especially for processes in multiple stages. It will be best to use a custom conveyor system rather than a one-size-fits-all system. This is because no two production sites are the same. Each processing site has its specific challenges when moving different materials around. Therefore, having custom conveyor systems for production is crucial. It is an advanced solution that offers production companies seamless operation.

Based on this, many companies want to design their conveyor system. However, it’s not as simple as it seems. There is a lot that goes into designing custom conveyor systems. First, the operator needs to consider their entire operation, project demands, and production goals. After these are considered, a series of other factors that directly affect the conveyor design also must be considered.

Factors To Consider In Conveyor Design

Several factors contribute to the success of a unique material handling operation. These factors also affect how a quality conveyor system is designed. Here are some significant points to note when designing a conveyor.

  • Materials
  • Environmental Factors
  • Distance To Cover
  • Automation


The materials the conveyor moves around must be considered. The user must confirm the types of materials used in their operation. For instance, they must check if their operation involves extracting materials from the earth or working with recycled materials like asphalt.

Whatever materials their operation interacts with determines if they need powered roller conveyor systems or not. This is because each material has its unique properties, which determine its handling requirements.

Environmental Factors

Another factor to consider is environmental factors. Conveyor systems usually provide an environmentally friendly way of transporting products. They are great for even tough terrain. When used in tough terrain, they cause little disturbance.

However, putting the environment into consideration helps to make the best designs suited for the environment. Also, the loading conditions and other aspects of a company’s operational environment must be considered.

Distance To Cover

Conveyors can be inclined or horizontal, depending on the user’s preference. The conveyor used in a process depends on if the material it is used for is conveyed across vast distances through overland conveyors or stockpiled that have radial stackers.


Automation is another essential factor to consider when designing a conveyor system. In fact, many conveyor equipment suppliers recommend automated conveyor systems. It makes using the conveyor system more seamless. It also ensures better safety when handling production materials or moving them about.

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